3 Ways to Slow Your Sugar Addiction

  • Thanks so much for the tips! We’ve been cutting out sugar completely, but it is a struggle.

  • These are all great tips! It’s so hard to stop eating sugar all together but if I can just not eat as much I think eventually cutting it out of my diet will be much easier.

  • I definitely have a sugar addiction. And for me, exercise is the biggest help. When I exercise I drink way more water and I tend to crave healthier things.

  • these are great tips – thank you!

  • I used to love eating chocolates, now I hardly ever do it. I used to be one of those girls that her favorite meal was dessert now I rarely get it!

    • United Moms Network

      That’s great! Go for the healthy foods!

  • I definitely need to work on this because I have a sweet tooth that cannot be controlled! Haha

  • Great ideas! I have tried to go cold turkey to get away from sugar, and usually end up eating even more. Thanks for the more realistic pointers!

    • United Moms Network

      That’s exactly what my husband does on cold turkey. He’ll eat sugar for two straight days to make up for all he was craving. 🙂

  • This is extremely helpful and you’re leading us readers into the right path to healthy. I love it! Thank you

  • Yay thanks for this on a good diet but I want sugar and chocolate so bad lol I had to pin for a reminder thanks for sharing

    • United Moms Network

      Ha ha, it was hard for me to even write this. All I wanted was ice cream. Good luck on your diet! And don’t think about sugar too much. 🙂

  • These are great tips… I’m trying to cut back my sugar intake (just like everyone else!) and I think my worst habit is a late night snack, usually ice cream! I have. to. stop. Thanks for the reminder!!

  • I really like this post! I have a few people in my family who really struggle with sugar addictions and these steps are so doable! Thanks for sharing

  • Jade G.

    Thanks for the tips! I’ve been trying to cut back, but it’s so hard. I will try this.