Date Night Any Night #TomorrowStartsTonight

In-house date nights and how to make the most of your nights
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  • Shambray Matthews

    I love this! I agree! Date night doesn’t have to be crazy, but it is so important. Also, I need to try these strips!

  • Date nights are my favorite. Now that our kids are all in school we often meet up for lunch during the work week. When we do at home date nights, we usually watch a movie and have some treats on hand. To avoid the endless browsing of Netflix, we have a shared “date idea” list on our phones and add movies to the list whenever we think of one we want to watch. We also like to watch older TV series, right now we’re on a “Cheers” kick. Total classic.

  • Stacie S

    Since Tony and I are seeing each other more often no (no school, no homework) it kind of feels like every night is a date night. In UT we would go out every Friday and make it a point to do that since life was so crazy but there were times we just didn’t feel like going out. Sometimes we would still go to get food and then come home and put on Netflix or Hulu and watch a movie. We aren’t big game people so movies and snuggling is where it’s at if we were staying home.

  • Mary mozingo

    haha THIS sounds like my life… I was pregnant 4 months after we got married… and our lives were def changed… all i want to do is relax at night…. We always have date nights here after the kids are down for the night. As a mom… any date night… at home or out… is totally worth it.

  • Laura Sandford

    We snuggle and debrief on our days every night after the kids are in bed! SO needed! However with little ones we try to get out and go on a date at least once a month because it’s much needed for us!

  • “When you’re tired, go to bed”. Yes. This is our life with four kids… haha

  • We have four older kids 9-14 years old and one toddler. We do date nights in house on a weekly basis. That involves the kids eating early and then turning on a movie for them. I pay my older son to watch the 3 year old and put her to bed while my hubby and I eat take out in the dining room followed by a movie in our bedroom. I love it!

  • Doing a date night at home is such a smart idea. I love this! #client